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WHS M.E.Ch.A is on the NET!!!!
We like to thank all the down brothers and sisters who have attended our meetings and to all brothers and sisters out there who are trying to better themselves to make something of there lifes. Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!!!
WALKOUT!! March 6th No On Prop.21..
We are having a walkout to protest against prop 21. We will be meeting at the courthouse square on Mendocino en 4th street Santa Rosa. This is a peaceful protest so set everyhting else aside..More Info
No On Prop 21
*Expand the definition of a gang activity and make it easier for youth to be concidered gang members.
*Allow law enforcement to wiretap the phones in the homes of suspected gang mebers.
*Give youth a felony strike for vandalism amounting to little as $400-currently the damage level is $50,000-$400 could be a broken window, imprints in wet cement, tagging, etc.
*Eliminate the confidentiality of youth records.
*Cost hundreds of millions of dollars to implement-and open the door for more new prisons and other releated expenses.
*Try more youth as adults and house youth in adult facilities.
*Lock youth up for longer periods of time without monies for rehabilitation or prevention.
Any questions?
5 de Mayo
So far we have Aztec dancers for the 5th and our very own Sub4 in honor of 5 de Mayo. If your interested in appering for us in this event contact us..
Cali Situation
To all of those who have attended cali calmecac..For more on the topic..
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